What is new in PRINCE2?

Presentation Description 
 - Why a new version of PRINCE2?
 - Complete overview of changes & what are principles? 
 - Changes to Themes (Components) & Processes 
 - Introduction to Tailoring PRINCE2 to suit your project 
 - Changes to PRINCE2 Manual, etc....   
 - Changes to PRINCE2 certification and PRINCE2 exams
 - Contact us for a  free copy of the podcast "What is New in PRINCE2:2009"

Who is this Presentation For? 
- For people who are already familiar with PRINCE2  
- Who wish to know what has changed since PRINCE2:2005 

Other Information 
-  Will provide "What is new in PRINCE2:2009" CBT & podcast  
-  Cost:           Free
                       Copy of the podcast "What is New in PRINCE2:2009" FREE  
-  Time:          1.5 hours 
-  Location:     Your location 

PRINCE2 Project Management

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