PRINCE2 Training: Practitioner

PRINCE2 Training for Practitioner Exam 
  1. Start the PRINCE2 training by watching the PRINCE2 Timeline and PRINCE2 Process Model videos if you have not already done this 
       2.  Choose your PRINCE2 Certification Manual:
       3.  Practice questions on each chapter using our Learn Thru Questions 
    • There are > 500 Q&A
    • These are available in PDF and Audio formats 
       4.  Learn the structure of the official PRINCE2 Manual 
    • This is important as you can use this manual in the exam 
    • We have tips on how use the manual in the exam and this will get you another 8 to 10% in the exam 
       5.  Read over the PRINCE2 Sample Project
    • This will show you how the Management Products (PRINCE2 documents) are used in a project. 
    • This is important as many questions are based on these documents 
       6.  Look at this video on PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam tips 

       7.  Practice the Practitioner Exams 
    • All PRINCE2 Training companies offer two sample exams and we provide four-sample exam which will help make sure you are ready for the exam