PRINCE2 Training: Foundation

PRINCE2 Training for Foundation Exam  
  1. Start the PRINCE2 Training with the PRINCE2 Timeline video. 
    • This is a 20 minute video that will give you a high level overview of a PRINCE2 project and is good first step to start with the PRINCE2 training.
       2.  Follow the PRINCE2 Introduction Course
    • This PRINCE2 Training offers a high level introduction to the PRINCE2 and the Process Model, so you see how a project works and the relationship between the different processes the themes. 
    • You will also see when, where and by who the important project documents are created, the role of the Project Manager and the Executive which are the two main roles in a PRINCE2 project, how the Project Board control the project using stages, reports and tolerance.
       3.  Follow a Classroom or Online Training
    • There are many companies to choose from, just search on Google the best PRINCE2 training
    • You can compare other online course with our offering – See below on what is unique about our Online PRINCE2 Foundation Training.
       4.  Use the Foundation PRINCE2 PDF / PRINCE2 Manual 
    • This PRINCE2 Foundation Training Manual covers the full PRINCE2 Foundation Syllabus 
    • This PRINCE2 Manual PDF is included with the PRINCE2 Foundation online course  
       5.  Use the PRINCE2 Foundation Workbook
    • This books makes sure that you know the main points on each chapter and you will get > 75% in the exam.
       6.  Use an Exam Simulator
    • Again there are number to choose from (see Google) But we have several for you to use.
       7.  PRINCE2 and browse over these diagrams