PRINCE2 Structure (Elements)

The PRINCE2 manual says that the PRINCE2 method consists of 4 main parts and PRINCE2 has chosen the word Elements (or Integrated Elements) to represent these 4 parts. These elements are: Principles, Themes, Processes and Tailoring. You can use the structure of this manual to help you remember. First, you have the Principles, then Themes, and then Processes and finally, the last chapter, which is Tailoring. 
  • Principles: PRINCE2 says that each project should consist of the 7 PRINCE2 principles (in other words, “best practices” or good project characteristics). 
  •  Themes: Themes answer the question regarding what items must continually be addressed during each project, e.g., Business Case, Organization, Quality, Change.
  • Processes: Processes answer the question regarding what activities are done during the project and by whom. Processes also answers “What products are to be created and when?”
  • Tailoring: Tailoring answers one of the most common questions from a Project Manager, “How do I best apply PRINCE2 to my project or my environment?”