Top 5 characteristics of a project

Projects have a number of characteristics; which is how projects differ from business as usual or a repeating process


Projects are a way to introduce change.

Example: A new sales website will change how clients will purchase items 


There should always be a definite start and end to a project, and it should stop once the required products are created. Ongoing maintenance of a product occurs after the project and is not considered part of the project.


A project involves people from different business departments and seniority that work together for the duration of the project.


Every project is unique, as there is always something different in each project. Example: Building a 4th house may be different in the following ways: the location is different, there’s a slight difference in the design, there are different owners, and owners want to change some fittings.


As parts of the project are unique, this brings uncertainty, as you are not 100% sure how this is going to work out. Using the above example, the owners might keep changing their mind, some of their chosen house fittings may not arrive in time, temperatures may fall to below zero, etc.

So these are the five characteristics of the project.