Why a Project Management Method?

Project Management deals with planning, delegating, monitoring and controlling the project; in other words, the administration of the project. The role of the Project Manager is to achieve project objectives within the targets set for time, cost, quality, scope, benefits and risk. 

Let us look at some typical things that can go wrong in a project:

·       Sample Project: A new house

·       Background information

o   Individual subcontractor firms are used to do the different specialist work (heating, electricity, fittings, etc…)

o   As you can imagine, these subcontractors may need to be managed

·       Scenario 1:

o   You find out just one week before the plumbers are due to arrive that they may be delayed for one month.

·       Result of this scenario

o   Most of the planned work will be affected

o   It will be difficult to reschedule other contractors

o   You may still have to pay part of their costs (current contract conditions)

·       Scenario 2:  

o   You may find during the installation of the window frames that the allocated space is too small.

·       Result

o   Again, this may affect the rest of the project and throw it off track


Here you can see that a person (i.e. a Project Manager) is needed plan the work, monitor the work, do numerous checks and signoffs, deal with risk, deal with issues as they arise, identify areas to cut costs, and so on.

Some other common project failures are:

  • Insufficient product definitions at the start, resulting in the wrong product being developed.
  • Lack of communication, which may cause a black cloud over the project.
  • Poor estimation of time and cost, which may cause the project to run out of money.


So, I hope you see there is a need for a good Project Management method