PRINCE2 Opleiding

PRINCE2 Opleiding
There are a number of authorized PRINCE2 training companies in Belgium where you can following the Foundation and Practitioner courses.  See the APMG for a list of site.  
Each Training is 3 days and costs from €1,350 to €1,650    

Some comments about Foundation Training - 3 days 
* This does not have to be three day, you can easily do this in two days 
* We can provide you some simple Pre-Course material which helps you prepare for the two days classroom training 
* This is simple introduction book, or CBT or Podcast (or all three formats) 

Advantages of Pre-Course Material
* Easy to understand and learn 
* Learn about some of the terms you follow in course 
* You get a lot more from your 2 days class room course 
* You also make sure you get a higher score in the exam 
* This is also free with a two  day training and you can get a full evaluation very up front 

send me and email for more information:  frank.turley (at)
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