How to explain PRINCE2 in less than one minute

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This short video provides a very simple overview of PRINCE2 and can help to explain PRINCE2 in during an Interview, Meeting, Workshop, etc...

The general idea it to be able to go to a white board and draw a simple diagram, then show where the followings step happen and why:

- Startup and the objective to this process
- Planing and it mains deliverables
- What happens in the stages
- When are the Project Products created
- How the Project Board controls the project

As you can see all of this can be explain in just one minute, so it will be easy for your audience to get an understanding of PRINCE2 and they don't need to see PRINCE2 as a monster process.

Management of Portfolios

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Introducing MoP

Individuals and organizations are much more cautious with their investments these days. Can we afford this? Can we take the risk? Should we be doing this? 
Are all questions being asked of change initiatives (projects and programmes)? As such, the days of projects being funded without having a clear understanding of the full costs, benefits and risk are well and truly over, and rightly so!
The time has come for Management of  Portfolios (MoP). MoP helps organizations answer a fundamental question 

See Link for MoP Brochure 

PM Student Features

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PM Student is one of the best sites for information on Project Management 

We are pleased to be feature this week:   See:     

"Today I would like to share this with you.  If you are interested in the PRINCE2 certification I suggest you check out this free manual for assistance on understanding the standard and guidance on the exam, in addition to the official PRINCE2 manual.  Frank Turley put this training manual together, whom I interviewed Inside pmStudent e-Learning about PRINCE2 before"     

New OGC Brochure

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  • OGC’s Best Practice guidance
  • Free guidance  available on the  OGC website
  • Plus overview of what this site has to offer

The Power of Networking: Workshop

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Time:        22 September  : 18:30 to 20:30  
Location:  Nadine, Rue de Berger 30, Brussels 
By:            Imagination Club    
More info: Link 

You are warmly welcome to join us at the Imagination Club on Wednesday, 22 September at 18h45 for an interactive, experimental workshop on:

Get Connected: The Power of Networking
by Anna Hedrzak

...Networks and personal connections are indispensable in our lives. The famous saying ‘It’s not what you know but who you know’ is a truism.

Very likely you have found at least one job, advanced in your career or even met that special person in your life as a result of people you know. And if this is not true of you, then you really need to start networking! Moreover, in some cultures, it is only possible to 'arrange' government services, jobs and much more as a result of your ability to influence the right people by means of personal connections. It's no wonder that successful people are often described as ‘well networked’!

ITIL & PRINCE2 Case Study

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This is an excellent case study by Noel Scott. 

Title:  Case Study: Using ITIL® and Prince2™ Together
Date:  August 2010   
See link:   

This Case Study explains how using ITIL and PRINCE2 helped successfully set up an offshore service desk. It showcases how following ITIL procedures and running the project with the PRINCE2 method enabled the project's goals to be achieved.

The overall aim of the project was to ensure that the service desk would expand the existing capacity, be online before the launch of the new IT product and meet the clients expectations.

"ITIL and PRINCE2 naturally and neatly interlocked together. ITIL worked well in defining the best practice targets and PRINCE2 provided the best practice route. It was clear that combining the two together provided greater benefits."

New User of the Week

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Name:   Olivier Perals
Title:  Senior Project/Program Manager at Deutsche Bank
LinkedIn Profile:   link

Name:   Leo Eggerickx
Title:  Project Manager at Net IT NV and Owner Kalawazoo ICT Services
LinkedIn Profile:   link

New Users of the Week

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Name:       Tom Verbist  
Title:         Business Change Project Manager 
LinkedIn Profile:  Link 
Project Management, Change Management, Retail, Business development, Customer oriented, telecom, planning and organizing, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Business accurancy

Name:       Daniel PHILIPPE  
Title:            Managing Consultant, Project Manager, Information Technology Services
LinkedIn Profile:  Link 
Project management, Business analysis, Functional analysis

PRINCE2 Business Case (Podcast)

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Free PRINCE2 Business Case Podcast with Learn Thru Questions (Q&A) podcast

In this foundation level podcast you will learn
1. What is a Business Case
2. What is meant by the terms Output, Outcome and Benefits
3. The path to creating a Business Case, Develop, Verify, Maintain and Confirm,
4. The approach to confirming the benefit & how the Business Review Plan is used during and after the project
5. The typical contents of the Business Case
6. And lastly the Business Case roles & responsibilities

See for more information – Click on PRINCE2 Podcast:2009
Or click on LINK 

Keywords: PRINCE2 Podcast, PRINCE2 Exam, PRINCE2 Opleiding, PRINCE2 Questions, 

Introduction to PRINCE2: Ubeon Seminar

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PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments) is a process-based method for project management. It widely recognised and used in the private and the public sector, both in the Belgium and internationally.

In this two hour introduction, people who are new to PRINCE2 will learn:

  • the PRINCE2 Process Model:
  • the relationship between processes and components:
  • how projects start and how they move from one process to another:
  • when, where and by who the important documents are created:
  • the role of the Project Manager and Project Board:
  • how the project board control the project, and
  • how a typical project closes.
See Link: 

Date & Location

22nd of June, 18h30 - 20h30
ubeon Central Office
Cederdreef 9
9230 Wetteren

Price & Registration

This is a free workshop!

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