New in PRINCE2:2009

What is new in PRINCE2:2009?
  • Part I:   What is New in PRINCE2:2009?
  • Introduction to PRINCE2:2009  : PRINCE2 Project Management 
  • Overview of changes & Changes from a Project Manager Point of View
  • Lessons Learned,  Principles and Activities    
  • Part II:   What is New in PRINCE2:2009?
  • Processes Changes,  Process Model Overview
  • Themes: Introduction to Changes,  Themes: What is new for each theme?
  • Management Products (eg: PRINCE2 document used to manage the project)
  • PRINCE2 Tailoring (Tailoring & Embedding)   
  • PRINCE2 Manual: Directing Successful Projects changes
  • PRINCE2 Manual: Managing Successful Projects changes
  • PRINCE2 Introduction Video  (PRINCE2 Foundation Course)  
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