What is PRINCE2?

The name PRINCE2 stands for (PRojects IN Controlled Environments 2) and it provides a Generic Method that can be used in any type of Projects, from Public Service or Commercial Organizations. It can be used for big projects with budges of Millions of Euros or small projects with a few people in it.  See also: What is PRINCE2

PRINCE2 is globally recognized and provides a common vocabulary for all of the people involved in any Project. It also provides a structure of Roles and Responsibilities in which every person in the Project Team should know what is expected from them.

The Methodology is divided into three Main Certifications:

  • PRINCE2 Foundation, which offers the best introduction to PRINCE2 Method, explaining the terminology and principles so you can work in a PRINCE2 environment.
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner, which is focused on teaching you how to run a Project from the very beginning.
  • PRINCE2 Agile, which teach you how to use PRINCE2 in an Agile way.

Benefits of using PRINCE2

As you might possibly imagine, there are many advantages to using a Project Management method; this also applies to PRINCE2. I will list a few of them below:

Best Practice: PRINCE2 has been used for more than 30 years in thousands of Projects and keeps learning from all of the feedback, suggestions and discussions. All of this have helped PRINCE2 to become a Best Practice.

Tailoring: PRINCE2 can be applied to any kind of project. This means that PRINCE2 can be used for projects as small as organizing a meeting, to huge projects the size of running an election, organizing a conference, constructing a bridge, or develop an IT System.

PRINCE2 is product-focused; meaning that the product is well-defined at the start of the project and is made known to all stakeholders. As a result, everybody has the same idea of what they are working on and the expected end-product.

PRINCE2 continues to assess the viability of the project from a Business Case point of view, and this happens throughout the project lifecycle. If, for example, the expected return on investment is no longer probable at any point in the project, then the project should be stopped.

Our Goal

Our goal at PRINCE2 UG Belgium is to help people get started with PRINCE2 and start to raise the number of PRINCE2 certified people who use PRINCE2 from less than 5% to a greater 15%. We also work along with the ATO Management Plaza in order to provide a better understanding of the PRINCE2 Methodology and help you obtain a good score on your exam. 

If you have any questions or need coaching during your Training, you can contact our support at support@mplaza.pm 

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The following video is a Sample of the new PRINCE 2017 Course.

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What is PRINCE2  

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Running your first project with PRINCE2 (Video Course)  This is a wonderful new PRINCE2 video course that shows you how to run your first PRINCE2 project.  It will help you to get started an use PRINCE2.  
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  • Part 2:         Initiation Phase (Planning)  
  • Part 3:         Running the project 
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